‘The 100’
Will Raven (Lindsey Morgan) make it out alive in the finale episode of “The 100” Season 4? The CW

“The 100” Season 4 will air its finale episode on Wednesday, and cast member Lindsey Morgan shared what viewers can expect from the installment.

While speaking with TV Line at The CW Upfront in New York, Morgan, who plays the role of Raven, confirmed that the whole gang will try to go back into space. That is, if her character will be able to pull it off. “Everyone’s been asking me if they need a box of tissues or a bottle of wine and I’m like, I think you just need a towel for your sweat. When I read it I feel like I just got sweaty. Being like, ‘What’s happening? What’s happening?’” she said.

However, it looks fans are going to need a box of tissues anyway. When asked if Raven will live until Season 5, Morgan said that no one’s safe in the show.

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The actress was also asked to share what was the most difficult thing that she had to do in the show this season. Morgan said that it was a tie between Raven’s multiple seizures and the ice bath resurrection and heart attack her character experienced.

Morgan also agreed with what the interviewer said about Raven being her own hero. For the past two seasons, the character hasn’t been given a love interest. As such, she was able to grow into her own person and has been very focused on the weekly missions. “She’s always saving herself and her friends and I think she’s just so badass,” she said.

Meanwhile, showrunner Jason Rothernberg also spoke with The Hollywood Reporter regarding the finale episode, titled “Praimfaya.” “The whole season has been ticking down, literally, to this story. What we always try to do on this show is build toward an epic finale, and in this season’s finale, things almost unfold in real time. That clock started ticking in the premiere, and the clock ticks down to zero during this episode,” he said.

More specifically, Rothenberg explained that the biggest question from the episode has to do with whether or not the gang will be able to get off the planet before the Death Wave hits.