For business owners, building relationships with customers, creating a streamlined business process and looking for ways to increase profitability are constantly on their minds. Luckily, there are now useful tools like CRM software that enable business owners to run their companies more smoothly.

What is CRM?

CRM means customer relationship management. As this can be quite tedious yet such an important part of making a business successful, CRM software have become very popular. These enable business owners and entrepreneurs to manage all aspects of their business from marketing, sales to customer service. CRM software are all-in-one tools that can help you save time and money by streamlining tedious tasks.

Here are some of the best CRM software as well as the best CRM tools to help business owners optimize their business.

1. Data Chase CRM AppSumo Data Chase CRM Photo:

Data Chase CRM offers a package solution for your Marketing, Sales and HR needs. It is very useful for businesses that offer project-based services such as digital marketing agencies or creatives. Easily manage all your pending engagements and keep track of employee assignments up to invoicing once the job order has been completed. Get it for a highly-discounted price at $199 compared to its regular price of $1188.

2. Samdock AppSumo Samdock Photo:

For first-time users, you should prioritize getting a CRM platform that is easy to use when it comes to integrating all your business details. Samdock is a straightforward customer management software that allows you to easily check your sales and customers. The software is designed to be efficiently structured in terms of task assignments so you don't spend plenty of time maneuvering your way into the system.

3. Rocket Realtor AppSumo Rocket Realtor Photo:

Rocket Realtor is a digital system created for those engaged in a real estate business. The tool has a power dialer so you can easily get in touch with your agents, a funneled scheduling system for home tours and IDX website support for increased marketing exposure. The system also supports pre-built funnel links for easy reference to lenders or home value report links to help potential clients in deciding the best deals for them.

4. Clientjoy AppSumo Clientjoy Photo:

For sales teams and small agencies, everything starts with getting a lead, which they hope will result in conversion and avail of their services. However, this entire process is usually segmented depending on the company's business procedures. Clientjoy offers a platform where you can integrate the entire client lifecycle into one huge business process. This means that from lead generation,  signing of contracts to collecting analytics for post-project reviews, rest assured that the system will take care of it.

5. Deskera AppSumo Deskera Photo:

For medium-sized businesses, accomplishing accounting tasks can already take an entire department. From payroll, inventory and invoicing, it takes a lot of capital to complete. Deskera offers an all-in-one solution for such needs. Easily view bank balances, receivables and tax calculations with just a few clicks. Business owners who want to monitor all aspects of operations and revenue generation should give Deskera a try.

6. Salesdash CRM AppSumo Salesdash CRM Photo:

The best CRM platform can also be the one you built yourself and this is where Salesdash CRM comes in. It has easy-to-use and customizable features to create the best platform for you. Create company roles and adjust employee permissions accordingly. The system also enables you to configure your goals and employee groupings to reflect your ideal team setup. It's perfect for any task-heavy business.

7. OneHash CRM AppSumo OneHash CRM Photo:

The OneHash CRM platform offers a visually appealing way of presenting important business data such as revenues, losses and even completed orders. Aside from visuals, the platform also supports email and SMS campaigns for increased lead generation outputs. If your business has foreign clients, it provides multi-currency and multi-language support. With events and notification set-ups, easily communicate any task with ease.

8. Relotis CRM AppSumo Relotis CRM Photo:

If you want quick integration, Relotis takes only minutes to set up thanks to its simple interface that enables you to easily focus on your tasks. The system is crafted for sales businesses that it even has an automated sales bottleneck identifier so you know which aspects of your business need improvement. With a tracker for team performance, sales activities and even leads, you don't have to monitor your business 24/7.

9. 8Demand AppSumo 8Demand Photo:

The 8Demand software is best for freelancers and small startups who are interested in creating a centralized system for sending emails, creating invoices to accepting payments in one tool. The system is crafted to create the best deals, provide leads with pricing estimations and other data. For a one-time purchase price of $19, it's absolutely a great deal!

10. CreamSoda AppSumo CreamSoda Photo:

Some businesses require constant follow-ups before you can convert a lead into a sale. However, following up with a customer is easier said than done. CreamSoda  understands the difficulties of trying to manage potential deals all the time. The platform tracks all your deals, costs and sales quotes to make sure that you're updated on everything. It also allows team assignment and tasking so you can be assured that no potential leads will be lost due to oversight.

11. AppSumo Photo:

Mobile messaging is an underrated way of getting sales and conversions. PipeOne utilizes this by creating a medium where leads can ask, suggest, buy and even communicate with your company through their mobile devices. The platform unifies multiple messaging apps such as Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp for easy communication with your business. This platform is best for business owners and those in customer service.

12. Rymotely

AppSumo Rymotely Photo: Would you like an all-in-one management tool for your projects, tasks, proposals, contracts and expenses? Rymotely consolidates all these business processes in one platform. Perfect for freelancers and other self-employed individuals, you can manage your digital workspace from filtering prospects until they pay at the end of the contract. With a one-time purchase of $59, you can accommodate unlimited clients, projects, invoicing while also having a platform for accounting and reports.