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Graphic Design
Making great designs is made easier with these apps available on AppSumo!

Graphic design has become an essential part of marketing and advertising, making it a highly sought-after skill. However, sourcing graphic designers for your business can be expensive, especially if you need to post engaging content regularly to grow your business. Another option would be to learn it yourself, but design software like Photoshop can be too complicated for beginners. You can end up wasting hours and hours trying to learn how to use it only to get disappointed in the end.

Save time, effort and money with these easy-to-use graphic design software for beginners available on AppSumo. Today is the best day to buy as AppSumo is celebrating Sumo Day this July 13 is offering huge deals for 72 hours.

With the best editing apps, all you need is a little initial investment and focus. These will help you produce amazing output right away.

1. BannerBoo

Social media has helped so much in widening your reach. It’s so easy to communicate with your target audience with the various online platforms today. However, maintaining engagement can be difficult. Your content needs to be able to grab and sustain attention.

With BannerBoo, you can create eye-catching material for your marketing campaigns. Market your brand well with animated banners. Easily create, manage and publish your ads using various formats like HTML5, AMP HTML, GIF and MP4.

2. Crello

Effortlessly create professional-looking posts with Crello. The simple editing software features one-click tools for background removal, animation, text editing, resizing, cropping, fading, contrast and adding photo effects. Ditch the complicated interface and get things done within a few minutes. With over 50,000 templates to choose from, simply choose one that suits your style.

3. The Graphics Creator Online
The Graphics Creator Online

Want to make eye-catching graphics? The Graphics Creator has unique template sets and graphic elements that perfectly blend to create attention-grabbing images. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to add elements to your design and place it exactly where you want to. If you're a beginner, they even have fun tutorial videos to help get you started.

4. Pixelied

Make your content stand out through the endless possibilities that Pixelied offers. Choose from its millions of photos, icons and illustrations that can be added to more than 25 ready-made formats. On top of that, they have a library of over 700 hand-drawn illustrations that you can access. If you want to make sure your images are unique, create everything from scratch with their user-friendly toolkit.

5. QwikBanners

Ever wish you could make banners in a single click? QwikBanners is the fastest banner maker there is! Save time and money creating your marketing needs. Absolutely no design skills are required with their ready-to-use templates. When your banners are ready, generate multiple sizes in just a few seconds so you can make use of your design on different platforms.

6. Logomaker

Logos are the face of your business. Creating the right one that fits your company profile is of utmost importance. Logomaker helps you create unique logos to better market your brand. Create a full branding kit with just one tool.

7. Designer Logo Kit
Designer Logo Kit

Your company’s identity relies on your logo. Designer Logo Kit gets to know your company and generates the designs that match your vision. You can then tweak the design and make it perfect through unlimited edits. The kit also includes a social media kit, icon, domain name and much more!

8. Dollar Desygner Club
Dollar Desygner Club

One of the best graphic design software is now on AppSumo. Dollar Desygner Club is all you need for your graphic design needs. It is an award-winning graphic design platform used by millions globally. Made specifically for beginners, no design background is needed to create stunning graphics.

9. MyDraw

Graphic design also includes flowcharts and vector images. Positioning thin lines and boxes to make a great-looking chart or outline can be hard. MyDraw makes it easier with templates and easy-to-control functions. It includes rich text formatting and a vector drawing tool so you can let your imagination flow.

10. Premast Templates & Plus
Premast Templates & Plus

From sales pitches to progress reports, PowerPoint presentations are still widely used. But if your slides look boring, no one would listen to your presentation. It also gives your audience the impression that you didn’t put much effort into your report. To make sure you get your message across, use Premast to make great presentations. It offers thousands of unique templates that ensure professional-looking output every time.

11. Ribbet - Photo Editor
Ribbet - Photo Editor

Editing photos is crucial so that you have professional-looking social media images. For this, simply use Ribbet. With its powerful editing tools, make your photos look like they were shot in a studio. Optimized for both desktop and mobile use, create designs anytime inspiration hits.

12. Unimation Media
Unimation Media

Making multicultural content helps your business reach a global audience. Unimation Media offers great diversity in its photo and video selections. Choose from its selection of high-quality, transparent, three-dimensional, character-animated assets for your designs in various formats. Create amazing videos for both personal and commercial use.