Go on 12-year-old Jeremy Drew’s YouTube channel, and you’ll find that he likes typical tween-boy activities: playing with Nerf guns, video games and watching cartoons. But when it comes to dealing with authority figures, the Las Vegas youth seems rather precocious.

Drew is gaining notoriety after posting the video “Cop Breaking the Law” on his YouTube channel, showing him approach a cop who appears to be illegally parked. The boy can be heard asking the unidentified Las Vegas Metro cop if there was a reason he left his motorcycle on the sidewalk.

“Is it, like, an emergency or anything?” the young boy can be heard asking. When the cop answers that it isn’t an emergency, Drew asks to see the cop’s badge number and is repeatedly turned down.

The cops inquires if the boy is a “junior lawyer” and asks for ID from the minor, insinuating the boy is lying about his identity, and then tells him he is loitering.

The now-viral video, originally uploaded in September 2012, only recently gained attention. The clip currently has more than 3.1 million views.

YouTube commenters are praising the boy for his actions, calling the cop's disregard for the law disgraceful.

“Bravo, Jeremy. To those who see this as harassment and think that we should leave cops alone because they are there to protect us, that is true when they are truly protecting us,” said commenter Jason Fedelem. “The problem comes when they abuse their power. When that happens, they need to be called on it. Police officers are not exempt from the law,” he said.

“Since when does a police officer not have to obey the same laws that the citizens do?” said a commenter by the screen name gjaxson01.