World's Worst Parellel-Parker
How does a 15-minute video of parallel parking get 1.1 million YouTube views in a few days? Screenshot

A video of someone try to parallel-park for 15 minutes might sound like a snooze, but a YouTuber’s hilarious comments throughout said video have made the clip a recent viral hit.

"The 79ers," a group of young YouTuber's based in Ireland, say they had come upon a woman trying to parallel-park her car, watched for 15 painful minutes through many failed attempts, and then offered to help. When the woman reportedly refused their assistance, the eight boys decided to document the rest of the incident from the comfort of their Belfast home.

Throughout the nearly 15-minute clip, multiple bystanders can be seen approaching the vehicle to assist the woman, but she turns them all away. The 79ers yell driving tips to the woman, to no avail; they make insulting comments about female drivers; and they shout observations such as, “Even the pigeons are looking at her."

Another moment of hilarity ensues when the stakes are raised for the hapless driver as a vehicle parked in front of the spot she is trying to negotiate her way into wants to leave but can't, and is forced to walk away. Earlier in the clip, the boys claim the driver allegedly hit that car three times during the parking process.

“You can’t write that s---,” the boys can be heard yelling. And when the driver finally succeeds after a half hour, the boys erupt into cheers and whistles.

The video, entitled “World’s Worst Attempt At Parallel Parking, Enjoy!” was uploaded by YouTube user Ciaran Shannon on Thursday and currently has more than 1.1 million views.