• A 12-year-old coronavirus patient suffers a heart attack
  • Doctors were able to bring her back to life and put on ventilator support
  • She was taken off the ventilator after and is now on her way to full recovery

Doctors at a hospital in Louisiana are elated that 12-year-old Juliet Day is on her way to full recovery after getting sick with COVID-19 and suffering a heart attack. The 12-year-old had to be given CPR for at least two minutes before her heart started beating again, sources told the Associated Press.

coronavirus symptoms suffered by children may sometimes be different from that of adults
coronavirus symptoms suffered by children may sometimes be different from that of adults Sharon McCutcheon - Unsplash

Different COVID-19 Symptoms

Day, who is from Covington, Louisiana, developed COVID-19 symptoms that are different from those typically experienced by adults. Her mother, Jennifer Day, said Juliet did not have any breathing difficulties like other coronavirus patients.

According to Jennifer, a radiologist by profession, instead of breathing problems, her daughter was having severe stomach pains and was vomiting. She first thought that Juliet was suffering from appendicitis. She became alarmed, however, when the 12-year-old’s lips started turning blue. Her limbs said Jennifer also went cold. “I was praying to God ... just please, please help, please help me,” said Jennifer.

Ended Up In An Emergency Room

According to the doctors at the hospital, Juliet was among the sickest children with COVID-19 at the hospital that they have taken care of. Jennifer said her daughter’s nightmare started with unusual stomach pain, and then her lips started turning blue. Juliet was brought to the emergency room of a nearby hospital, where she had a heart attack. Doctors performed CPR until they were able to bring Juliet back to life. She was then airlifted to a bigger hospital in Jefferson, which is approximately 40 miles away.

In an interview with the AP, Juliet said she was first freaking out a lot after being told she died and came back. One of the doctors who treated Day, Dr. Jake Kleinmahon, told the AP that Juliet was among the sickest children they have taken care of with COVID-19 at the hospital. He said that Juliet’s heart was not properly working and that she was starting to develop “multisystem organ failure.”

A Full Recovery

After doctors stabilized her vitals, they decided to put Juliet on a ventilator. She spent four days with the device until doctors saw that she can breathe on her own again. Juliet was later discharged after showing great progress in the hospital. Since then, she was able to fully recover with doctors saying her heart is working normally again and that she is going to have a “totally normal life.”

There are still many questions on how coronavirus impacts children. Doctors say only a few of them have been diagnosed as suffering from it. Some studies found that many children infected with the virus suffered either mild symptoms or were asymptomatic. In some cases, however, the consequences were more severe, and in some instances, critical.