A young boy from Florida saved himself from a would-be kidnapper by escaping from the man’s moving vehicle.

The incident occurred on Wednesday when the 12-year-old boy got off his school bus in Boynton Beach, Florida, and started walking when a truck pulled up next to him. Behind the wheel was 26-year-old Timothy H. Miller, who offered the boy a ride and reportedly told the boy he “gives kids rides all the time and not to worry because he won't do anything weird.” And while the boy said the man appeared friendly enough, that quickly changed once he was in the truck.

Shortly after getting in, the boy says Miller began looking at him “strangely” and started asking if the boy had any drugs. The boy told police he started getting scared and tried to get out of the car, but Miller wouldn’t allow him and sped up. He did eventually manage to get the car door open, leapt out of the moving vehicle and reportedly lost consciousness after his head hit the pavement.

The boy’s escape was spotted by multiple drivers who stopped their car to assist the injured boy. One driver also followed Miller and managed to block his vehicle in until police could respond. Miller did reportedly resist arrest, but was eventually cuffed and taken into custody.

Boyton Beach Police Department took to Facebook after the incident to provide an update on the situation and to thank the "Good Samaritans" who stepped in to help save the boy after his escape.