‘13 Reasons Why’
Clay (Dylan Minnette) may or may not find love again in “13 Reason Why” Season 2. Netflix

“13 Reason Why” star Dylan Minnette recently talked about what is in store for his character, Clay, in the upcoming sequel.

While speaking with US Weekly, Minnette said that viewers will be surprised to discover what Clay has been doing when Season 2 of the Netflix drama kicks off. “The show picks up a few months after Season 1 where we left off, and there’s a lot of catch up to play, and I think people might be a little surprised where Clay is,” he said.

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When asked whether or not Clay will find love again in the upcoming episodes, Minnette simply said that fans should just wait and see. “But I think people will also be surprised by where he ends up, because I’m also trying to figure it out myself right now,” he added.

In the finale for Season 1, Clay and Tony (Christian Navarro) drove off while Hannah Baker’s (Katherine Langford) parents listened to the tapes their daughter left behind. Clay leaving the town somewhat symbolized a new beginning for the character. Even though leaving the past behind doesn’t necessarily mean complete closure for Clay, Minnette thinks that the character is at least on his first step to recovery.

“I think it’s a long, long, long journey for him to find complete closure, and we’ll see that even in Season 2. But I think he’s beginning, he’s beginning. Whether it maintains, we’ll find out ‘cause it’s a few months after Season 1 where Season 2 picks off, but you know, people will see,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, other than Clay’s fate, “13 Reasons Why” Season 2 is also expected to reveal what happened to Jessica (Alisha Boe), Justin (Brandon Flynn), Bryce (Justin Prentice) and the rest of the characters in the hit Netflix series. In Season 1, it was revealed that Hannah was raped by Bryce – the same person who raped Justin’s girlfriend, Jessica.

In the flashback, it was also confirmed that Justin knew about Bryce raping his girlfriend, but he decided to not say anything about it since he owes Bryce a lot. The latter abused his relationship with Justin by reminding him constantly of the things he did for him when he left his home.

“13 Reasons Why” Season 2 will stream on Netflix next year.