Sex traffickers allegedly compelled a 13-year-old girl in Florida to entertain hundreds of men in a matter of a few weeks. Police have arrested at least four people in connection with the incident.

The first two arrests were made in August, and a November arrest followed suit. The latest arrest was made last week. They allegedly nicknamed her “Breadmaker” in online advertisements considering the amount of money she made for them, police said.

The arrests were made after the girl's family filed a missing complaint in May. Police reviewed the girl’s phone records and tracked her down to a Miami residence, and rescued her. They found three persons in the house at the time.

The girl told police about a 19-year-old woman, named Racquel Bijou, who forced her into sex trade. She said she eloped from her suburban home on May 19 because “she was bored.” She met Bijou shortly after at a party, according to federal court documents. The girl’s family had reported her missing within days of her disappearance.

Bijou volunteered to help the runaway girl make money and she readily accepted her offer to indulge in flesh trade. The girl said she fell into Bijou’s hands because she had no money and no place to stay.

Bijou became the girl's manager. Some of her clients were men in their 50s, police said. The girl used to inform Bijou about the amount of money she received from her clients. Bijou later employed two associates — Jeremiah Horenstein, 22, and Ashton Lewinson, 25, according to police. Bijou and Horenstein used to post commercial advertisements with the girl’s picture on online websites, prosecutors said, Sun-Sentinel reported.

The girl cut ties with Bijou following a brawl with Horenstein and went on to work under another woman, named Souprina Blanc, 27. The woman and two others were there in the house when the girl was rescued.

The arrests of Bijou and Horenstein were made in August. Lewinson was arrested in November, according to Fox News. Blanc was arrested last week and was produced at a magistrate court in Miami on Tuesday. She is being held without bond.

All four were charged with trafficking a minor and will likely face life imprisonment if convicted.

Representational image of an open handcuff. John Moore/Getty Images