A youngster in Indonesia was arrested after he killed a 14-year-old boy who allegedly insulted him for being poor.

An investigation into the case began on Nov. 29 after the parents of the teen filed a missing person complaint and claimed the boy had not returned home for two days. The following day, the investigators found the teen’s body in a garden in Malang, East Java.

"A day after the report, a body was found in a garden covered with sweet potato leaves and papaya. Identification was later confirmed to be the body of a teenager who was reported missing earlier," police officer Hendri Umar said, Tribun News reported. (Google translation showed)

"The body was then taken to the hospital for an autopsy and the results of the examination found that there were traces of injuries on the victim’s neck believed to have been strangled," the officer added.

The investigators traced the 20-year-old accused, who was the last person the teen had met before disappearing. He was detained for questioning during which he confessed to killing the teen.

The accused, who was not identified by local media, told the investigators that he took the step after the victim insulted him for being poor and not being able to afford a mobile phone.

"As a result of the interrogation, the suspect admitted to meeting the victim at a stall and asked about the new mobile phone bought by his friend. The question was answered by the victim with a sneer that angered the suspect. The man then took the victim to an area allegedly to see nets installed to catch birds. It was actually a ploy to kill his friend," the officer said, World of Buzz reported.

The accused strangled the teen till he fell unconscious. The victim, however, regained consciousness and fled the area. The accused then chased the teen, and they reached the garden where the victim was strangled to death.

"The suspect was apparently willing to wait for two hours to make sure the victim was actually dead. He then left the scene with the victim’s mobile phone and belongings," the officer said.

Following the confession, the accused was taken into custody.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay