• The girl placed a request on for a person to kill her ex-boyfriend
  • The website's administrator alerted cops about the teen's intentions
  • The satirical website has led to the arrest of several people who made similar requests

A 14-year-old girl in Louisiana has been arrested for allegedly trying to hire a hitman using a website to kill her ex-boyfriend. The site's administrator alerted the police about the teen's intentions.

The teenager visited a website called and submitted a request for a person to kill her ex-boyfriend. Although the website claims it offers services to visitors with nefarious motives, it is actually a satirical website with fake testimonials from its "clients," CBS-affiliated WAFB reported. The website has led to the arrests of a number of people, police said.

The website administrator, Guido Fanelli, contacted the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) in January after seeing the 14-year-old girl's request.

"We conducted an investigation on it and through the course of our investigation, we learned that information was indeed placed on the website. We made contact with the 14-year-old girl and then arrested her for soliciting to kill the ex-boyfriend," L'jean Mckneely, a BRPD officer, told the outlet.

The teenager was arrested Monday and booked into East Baton Rouge Juvenile Detention Center on a charge of solicitation for murder, the Charlotte Observer reported. Her identity was not revealed. The ex-boyfriend's family was also informed about the incident.

Mckneely said has helped law enforcement officials on different occasions in the last 17 years. Several individuals, who did not catch the website's sarcasm, have been caught trying to find people to commit criminal acts across the country.

"People do take it seriously and the information they've gotten they shared with law enforcement. And they have been beneficial in stopping things from occurring," Mckneely told WAFB.

Bob Innes, the creator of the website, previously told ABC7 News that he used to receive hundreds of messages from people around the world.

"The website has prevented, essentially, 150 murders at this point," Innes told the publication in November.

While the website mostly receives joke messages, about 10% of them have been investigated by law enforcement officials, he said.

"It's scary because they walk among us," Innes told the outlet. "It really makes you wonder about who's out there. Are they your neighbors? Are they your business associates? Are they your ex-spouses? You never know."

Representative image Credit: Pixabay