In a tragic incident, a 14-year-old boy, who kissed his mother on the cheeks before taking out the trash from his home, was fatally shot by an unidentified gunman.

The boy, identified as Dayvion Jones, was taking out trash from his home in Columbus, Ohio, on Sunday, when a group of unidentified men approached the teen and one of them opened fire at him following a confrontation.

His mother says he had just kissed her on the cheek before the incident.

"Why would you kill a 14-year-old kid "What could he have done to you?" Dayvion's mother, Kim Jones-Watson, said, ABC 6 reported.

The suspects were traveling in an SUV, which Columbus police later confirmed was stolen.

After the shooting, the SUV fled the scene but crashed near an intersection at Tamarack Boulevard and Forest Village Lane. According to witnesses, the assailants then ran from the crash scene.

Dayvion was rushed to Ohio Health Riverside Methodist Hospital, where he died.

"It was so sad, so senseless, he was a baby, he was 14. He had the most beautiful smile, oh my, he was talented,” she said.

"I am heartbroken, to speak of my son, knowing he is never going to walk through my door again," she added.

Dayvion was released Friday, after a six-month-long home detention for his involvement in a fight with another teenager.

"No, he wasn’t perfect. I ain’t gonna sit here and try to tell you, 'oh, I had this perfect son.' No. No one is perfect. But, he couldn’t have never done something to somebody so bad that you would want to take his life," his mother said.

Kim strongly believes her son was failed by the juvenile court system.

"This is a major concern of mine. My son might still be here today had they put him in a program, that's all I kept asking for them to do. It's easy for the kids to get caught up in the streets, you had him on house arrest but he is still coming and going like he pleases," she said.

Meanwhile, police are on the lookout for the suspects and are asking people to share any information regarding the case with Crime Stoppers on 614-461-TIPS or Columbus Police on 614-645-4730.

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