With the holiday season officially in full swing, it’ll be easy to get the little ones in the spirit with a whole selection of Christmas movies just waiting to be watched on Netflix.

Whether your kids would be more interested in some classic tales, stories featuring favorite characters or something completely new and different, there is likely an option for them to watch. Here are 15 great choices for the kids this holiday season.

“48 Christmas Wishes” (2017):

When a small town’s letters to Santa accidentally go up in smoke, two elves venture out of the North Pole to retrieve each missing wish.

“A Christmas Star” (2015):

Born under the Christmas Star, Noelle says she can perform miracles. When trouble comes to town, it's up to her to prove herself and save the day.

“Angela’s Christmas” (2018):

A trip to church with her family on Christmas Eve gives young Angela an extraordinary idea.

“Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure” (2011):

Lovable, oversized Saint Bernard Beethoven tries to save the holidays when a wayward elf crashes Santa’s sleigh and loses his bag of toys to thieves.

“The Christmas Chronicles” (2018):

Christmas Chronicles
“The Christmas Chronicles” is a great option for kids to watch on Netflix.  Netflix/Michael Gibson

After accidentally crashing Santa’s sleigh, a brother and sister pull an all-nighter to save Christmas with a savvy, straight-talking St. Nick.

“The Christmas Project” (2016):

Four brothers prepare for war when they’re forced to deliver secret holiday gifts to the school bullies. But they soon learn kindness goes a long way.

“Get Santa” (2014):

When Santa gets arrested for trespassing after crashing his sleigh, it’s up to a father-son team to spring him from jail and save Christmas.

“How The Grinch Stole Christmas” (2000):

He’s a crabby Christmas hater (for some silly reason). Can this green-tinted meanie steal everyone’s holiday season?

“The Magic Snowflake” (2013):

Young Nicholas agrees to do Santa’s work for one year. But the stress of the job threatens the boy’s sense of joy—and Christmas itself.

“Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse” (2001):

Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse Trailer

After being snowed in, Mickey and a host of his friends throw a Christmas party to help Donald Duck regain his holiday spirit.

“Puppy Star Christmas” (2018):

A new pack of Pup Star pooches stumbles upon a rival team’s plan to ruin Christmas, then ends up at the North Pole to try and save the holiday spirit.

“Santa Buddies” (2009):

In this family-friendly North Pole adventure, the rambunctious golden retriever pups known as the Buddies must save Christmas.

“Santa Claws” (2014):

When a gift sack full of kittens gives Santa a bad allergic reaction, the kitties have to take over and deliver presents on time.

“Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups” (2012):

When the Santa Pups grant joyful wishes to Pineville’s boys and girls, something goes terribly wrong: The Christmas Spirit begins to disappear.

“Santa’s Apprentice” (2010):

Young orphan Nicholas learns how to guide a sleigh, slide down chimneys and other duties he’ll need when he becomes the next Santa Claus.