A 15-year-old boy died in India after he accidentally got stuck in an elevator shaft of a factory where he allegedly worked, reports said.

The tragic incident was reported from the capital city of Delhi on Sunday. The teen boy, identified as Alok, accidentally slipped and fell into an elevator shaft on the second floor of the factory and got crushed when the lift came up from the ground floor. The victim's body was found hanging from the wires and had strangulation marks on his neck, police said, as per NDTV.

The minor boy's mother reportedly works as a laborer at the factory.

The teen was rushed to a hospital but succumbed to the injuries. "He sustained multiple injuries. We suspect that he got strangulated because of the wires and later, got electrocuted. He got crushed when the lift came up," a police officer told the outlet.

Meanwhile, investigators registered a case on charges of causing death due to negligence and negligence with machinery and buildings.

Initially, police were told that the accident happened after his mother brought him with her to work, and the boy was playing near the lift. However, Alok's mother claimed that her son was forced to work by her employers.

Alok's family staged a protest in front of the factory, demanding justice for the boy who was allegedly pushed into child labor. "We are verifying if the boy was pushed into labor. If yes, the accused will be booked under labor laws as well," the officer said, as per India Today.

In a similar incident, an elderly man in the Indian state of Maharashtra died after he got trapped in the elevator door of an apartment. The victim in his late 60s, identified as Ratan Patil, died after he poked his head out of the elevator when the door closed. Patil got dragged as the lift moved down from the first floor to the ground floor of the building.

The rescue team managed to pull out the seriously injured victim but he succumbed to injuries at a hospital a week later. Three other people who were also in the elevator witnessed the incident, but they did not suffer any injuries.

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