• A bystander said he used a shirt to apply pressure on the teen's wound
  • The teen was taken to the hospital and eventually pronounced dead
  • Cops arrested the victim's sister and charged her with murder 

Cincinnati, Ohio -- A 16-year-old boy in Ohio was allegedly stabbed by his 15-year-old sister during a fight over a PlayStation.

The sister was charged with murder after the boy was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Police said they received a call about the stabbing around 11 a.m. Monday from an apartment in Springfield Township in Cincinnati. First responders arrived and found the boy with a stab wound, The Enquirer reported.

Valentino Brewton, who was visiting his mother in the same apartment complex, said he saw the bleeding victim running out of his apartment on the day of the incident.

"He just didn't know where to go. When he left the house, he was just running anywhere just trying to get, to see somebody outside, and I was just about to pull off," Brewton said while speaking with WLWT.

The teenager flagged his car down in the parking lot and then dropped down to the ground, Brewton said.

"He leaned on my car and said, 'Help me. Drive me to the hospital, drive me to the hospital,'" Brewton told LOCAL 12.

Brewton said he tried to help the victim as he bled from his chest area.

"I kept trying to hold it so no blood would come out. That was the best I could do. I kept talking to him the whole time, kept telling him to breathe," he told WLWT. "He kept bleeding. He said his sister stabbed him."

Brewton said he used a shirt to apply pressure on the teenager’s wound until the victim’s mother arrived.

"She held down, you know, pressed down on the shirt. I let her take over, 'cause I knew she was the mother," he told LOCAL 12.

Paramedics arrived and took the teenage boy to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

It is believed that a fight over the 15-year-old girl’s Playstation 4 spurred the tragic incident, according to the 911 call that the children’s mother made.

"My children were fighting because my son stole my daughter's PlayStation 4, and she stabbed him," the mother said in a 911 call.

Police arrested the 15-year-old sister and charged her with murder.

The identities of the siblings were not revealed.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / Pexels