With less than one month to go until “19 Kids and Counting” returns to TLC, the network has released a sneak peek of Season 9. While fans of the Duggar family will have to wait until Tuesday, Feb. 17, to watch the first episode, viewers can catch a glimpse of what’s in store for expectant newlyweds Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard ahead of the reality-TV series’ official return.

In a sneak peek released by TLC via People Magazine, Jill, 23, and her husband Derick, 25, can be seen preparing for parenthood ahead of Jill’s March due date. In order to prep for the arrival of their baby boy, the couple tries their hand at parenting by hosting a sleepover for four of Jill’s younger siblings, Johannah, 9, Jennifer, 8, Jordyn, 6, and Josie, 5.

With parents Jim Bob and Michelle nowhere in sight, the Duggar sisters can be seen sporting princess apparel -- Derick appears to channeling Abraham Lincoln with his getup -- while enjoying a fondue dessert party.

“The girls haven’t really had a good fondue party,” Jill says. “This is there first time to really enjoy it and some of them did. They got pretty messy. Josie, of course, got the messiest.”

But eating sugary desserts wasn’t all the couple had in store for Jill’s sisters. After dining on fondue and homemade cupcakes, Derick treated the girls to at-home manicures. His first client: Josie.

“I’ve never done it,” Derick says. “It was a lot of fun. Like, I didn’t know how much, how many things were involved with having little girls. Like, painting finger nails, or how small their nails are.”

Thankfully for Derick, who grew up with just one sibling compared to Jill’s 18, Jill gave her husband her stamp of approval in the parenting department. “Derick is doing really great!” Jill says. “He’s really great with kids and he’s just joining right in.”

While Jill’s pregnancy is sure to be a big part of Season 9 of “19 Kids and Counting,” it’s ultimately her sister Jessa who will be the star of the new season. In November, Jessa, 22, wed college student Ben Seewald, 19, and their ceremony has already been confirmed to be shown on upcoming episodes.

Directly following the Season 8 finale of “19 Kids and Counting” in November, a sneak peek of Season 9 was released. In the promo, Jessa can be seen preparing for her big day by putting on her veil, posing for wedding photos and walking arm-in-arm with dad Jim Bob down the aisle. 

“I just can’t believe that little Jessa has grown up,” Jim Bob says in the teaser.

Season 9 of “19 Kids and Counting” premieres Tuesday, Feb. 17, at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.