The United States Coast Guard is searching today for two men and a dog who authorities say left Rhode Island last week and never reported into a scheduled stop in Virginia.

Ryan Hollis, Joshua Cairone, and a French Bulldog named Louis departed Jamestown, R.I., on Wednesday aboard a 43-foot Beneteau sailing boat called "Carol K," officials said.

The trio was supposed to sail down the coast and make a stop two days later on Friday in Norfolk, Virginia, where Hollis planned to check in with his girlfriend, who was still in Rhode Island. When Hollis did not check-in as scheduled, his girlfriend reported him missing on Saturday. The Coast Guard mobilized aerial assets and search parties for the two men and the dog. They initially made an error in their first social media post, indicating that Hollis was missing by himself. That was later edited and adjusted to reflect that Cairone and Louis, the dog, were missing with him.

Coast Guard
U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Gabe Somma and Capt. Mark Fedo speak in Miami about the ongoing search for the missing cargo ship called El Faro just days after the ship's Oct. 1, 2015, disappearance during Hurricane Joaquin in the Bahamas. GETTY/Joe Raedle

This was to be one-stop in a series as they made their way from Rhode Island to Miami, Florida. On Wednesday, Hollis posted a picture of himself Cairone and the dog. The caption said that they were 12 nautical miles south of Rhode Island. There has been no further contact with the men. Urgent Marine bulletins have been broadcasted up and down the entirety of the Eastern Seaboard, urging people to keep an eye out for the trio.

Hollis is an army veteran living in Portsmouth with his three sons. He designs and installs home solar energy systems and works primarily in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

When reached for comment, his father, Howard Hollis told WHDH that the 40-year-old served in the military for more than ten years and that he was not worried about his son's abilities at all. The younger Hollis has never been in any boating incident.

“He loves his sailboat. That was his dream. He lives on that boat. He works his business off the boat, Howard Hollis added.” He was more concerned about his son's decision to sail the boat down to Florida.

Anyone that has any information on the trio's whereabouts is urged to contact the Coast Guard Atlantic Areas D1 Command Center at 617-223 8555.