A two-month-old baby died after her mother unknowingly fed her banana. The incident took place at West Jakarta, Indonesia on Sunday.

Yuni Sari, the 27-year-old mother, said she fed two small spoons of a banana to both of her twin infants without realizing that they weren’t supposed to be fed solid food at that age. The baby, identified by her initials as AH, reportedly choked to death following the incident.

According to reports, AH was found unconscious in the morning and was taken to a local community health clinic by her mother and relatives. The victim’s nose was bleeding on the way to the clinic, however, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

“Her twin is alright, only the elder sister (AH) choked, maybe it was her fate. I only gave them two baby spoons each, not that I force-fed them the whole banana,” said Yuni, according to CNN Indonesia.

The clinic contacted the police following the incident and the mother was called in for questioning. She reportedly told police that she was unaware of the fact that babies aged less than six months should not be given solid food as their digestive system was still underdeveloped.

The infant’s body was taken to the Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital for further examination where doctors did not find any signs of physical injuries or abuse on the body. However, results showed that a slice of banana was stuck in her respiratory tracts which lead to the infant's death.

The mother was not charged or held accountable for the child’s death as police found no signs of foul play and concluded that it was purely accidental.

Representational image of a mother holding the foot of her baby at the hospital in Nantes, western France, July 7, 2018. LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images