• The women are reportedly mentally unstable 
  • They told the police they thrashed their mother, and then stabbed her
  • The statements will be recorded only after proper evaluation

In a shocking incident in India, two women, in their 20s, were found playing with dolls near the blood-soaked body of their mother. The siblings, who are believed to be mentally unstable, confessed to murdering their mother.

The police said the incident happened in the state of Tamil Nadu on Tuesday, reported India Today. The murder came to light after neighbors did a welfare check on the deceased woman, identified as Usha. 

The neighbors grew suspicious after they failed to hear from Usha the entire day, which was unusual. The windows of the home were also locked, which has allegedly never happened before, India Today reported. 

When a neighbor visited Usha's house, one of the sisters stepped out and told the former her mother was dead. The panicked neighbor went inside the house and found Usha's body on the bed, covered in blood. The siblings were reportedly playing with dolls near the body, and their clothes were also covered in blood.  

The police were then alerted, and the officers who reached the house found the sisters unaffected by the death. However, they were reluctant to step out or talk to officers. The authorities finally managed to move the women from inside the house after offering them burgers. 

The sisters were transferred to a nearby hospital for evaluation. They then admitted to beating up their mother with a stick before stabbing her to death. 

According to the police, a murder case has been filed. However, the women will be questioned, and their statements formally recorded only after a proper evaluation of their mental health, reported Times Now News.

The police said the women lived alone with their mother after their father abandoned the family. A teacher, Usha, earned her living by giving lessons to school students. 

similar incident was reported in the Indian city of Kolkata last month when a woman and her daughter were found living with the decomposed body of a 78-year-old man, who reportedly died more than a month ago. Neighbors got to know about the incident after they noticed a stench emanating from the house. When the police arrived at the house to investigate, they found the two women were living with the corpse and going about doing their normal daily activities. The body had, by then, fully decomposed, exposing the skeleton. 

body Representational image. Photo: Pixabay