• The 59-year-old woman was the child’s grandmother and foster parent
  • The child was found unharmed
  • The victim was declared dead due to natural causes

A 2-year-old child was found alone at his home in Michigan with the body of his dead grandmother, possibly 18-hours after she died.

The Oakland sheriff’s department said the toddler was found with the body of the 59-year-old woman, who was his grandmother and foster parent, at a home in Pontiac on Thursday, news outlet The Oakland Express reported.

The incident came to light after a child protective service worker had gone to the address for a routine check on the toddler. When the childcare worker did not get a response from the address, she contacted a family member to check on the woman.

The family member who lived then nearby went to the house, and after looking through a window saw that the woman was lying motionless on the floor. The deputies were then called to a house in South Tasmania avenue on a report of a deceased woman.

The police found the toddler alone at the house with the body of the dead grandmother, who was the foster parent. pixabay

The toddler was found unharmed at the house. The police officials in consultation with a physician at McLaren Oakland Hospital confirmed the death of the woman.

The medical experts believe her body was discovered 18 hours after she died. The woman was declared dead due to natural causes based on autopsy report, and the authorities were awaiting toxicology reports.

The sheriff’s office said the woman had no previous history of substance abuse or medical conditions, according to her family members. The police have started an investigation into the case, reported FOX2.

In a similar incident, a 27-year-old Pontiac mother was found dead with her 3-year-old daughter near her body in April 2019. The police had responded to the woman's house after her aunt informed the authorities as she was not able to reach the 27-year-old for a few days over the phone. The police arrived at the scene to discover the woman “lying on the floor, obviously deceased and beyond help,” reported news outlet The Detroit News. The investigation revealed that the deceased woman had a history of drug abuse and the police also discovered several empty aerosol cans near the victim’s body.