A Long Island, New York, man was arrested for leaving more than 20 dogs outside in freezing temperatures on Thanksgiving Day morning, police said. Jose Borgos, a breeder, was charged with 21 counts of violating county code on the outdoor restraint of animals.

The incident came to light after Seventh Precinct Police Officer Karen Grenia heard dogs barking during a patrol. She found 21 Rottweilers in the backyard of a residence at 147 Broadway in Rocky Point. Nine of the dogs were found in travel crates in a shed, according to Suffolk Police.

The Town of Brookhaven Animal Control responded to the scene and will determine the placement of the dogs.

In Suffolk County, chaining or leashing or confining a dog outdoors when the temperature dips below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) is against the law.

In another incident earlier this month, police rescued two shaggy, white dogs from a freezing park on Dimmocks Mill Road in Hillsborough, a town in North Carolina. Police reportedly found the dogs locked behind the park’s dog park fence. The incident raised concern as police were unable to locate the owner, however, the next day they identified the person who had left the animals in such temperature.

The incident also reportedly sparked outrage on Facebook after the police department posted an update about the incident.

“I’ve had thousands of people ask me now if they can adopt them,” Lt. Andy Simmons reportedly said at the time when the investigation was underway. “What I want to say is if you go to Orange County Animal Services any day of the week, you can adopt as many dogs as you want.”

Last year, Libre’s Law was passed to protect animals from abuse in the country. According to the law, a dog cannot be left leashed for longer than 30 minutes in cold weather temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. People found violating these laws could be fined up to $750 and face up to 3 months of jail time.

Jock the Shih Tzu plays in the snow in Alexandria, Scotland, March 1, 2018. Getty Images/Jeff J Mitchell