• Briony Anne clipped her back on the towel rail in hotel's bathroom
  • She approached the hotel to file a complaint but they showed no interest
  • Anne believes she sustained second-degree burns

A U.K. woman who got burned by a hotel's radiator last week said she had been "scarred for life," adding the device was hot enough to "cook an egg."

Briony Anne, 25, who was staying at a hotel in Doncaster claimed the radiator was put at such a high temperature that one could "fry an egg."

Anne said she was about to check out from her room at the Best Western Pastures Hotel in Mexborough on March 16 when her back accidentally brushed against the bathroom’s towel rail, which also apparently heated up.

Radiators are centrally run so there remains a possibility of random metal objects catching heat.

Speaking to Examiner Live about the incident, Anne said that even though the contact lasted for a split-second, she almost immediately sustained burns that she believed were second-degree.

"I bent down and pressed my back on the radiator by accident and it was a split second of that and it stung immediately, my skin stuck to it," Anne told the outlet. "I know if I put an egg on that it'd cook and a steak would sizzle if it touched it," she added.

Anne said that kind of heat isn’t really required to dry towels and it could pose a danger to young children. "If a child grabbed hold of that it would bubble all their skin up, it's that hot it's ridiculous."

Anne said as she was in a hurry, she left the hotel without mentioning the incident to anyone and checked out. However, upon reaching home, she noticed her burn injuries were far severe than she had expected. Anne rushed back to the hotel to file a complaint but no one was interested, Examiner Live reported.

The woman said she has been seeing a doctor since and is unable to bathe due to the burning sensation around the wound.

Anne took to Facebook to describe her ordeal. She said when she approached the hotel staff to file a complaint, the manager showed the picture of the scar on her back to the maintenance man.

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"She said she's shown the maintenance man a picture of my back - I don't know why the maintenance man needs to see that - and said he's checked the towel rail and it meets the manufacturer's specifications," Anne wrote in the Facebook post.

"I said the thing is, whether it meets them or not, that radiator has got to be going up to 200 degrees to burn my skin like that? It instantly burnt me, you can touch a radiator and hold your hand on it for a few seconds and it wouldn't burn you like that," she wrote in the post.

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