The Nintendo NX is said to launch with at least four new games, one of them will be a "Mario" title. REUTERS/Issei Kato/File Photo

The Nintendo NX console is believed to be launching in March 2017, but the company behind it has still not given out an official announcement just yet. However, new information has surfaced regarding the upcoming console’s price and one of its launch titles.

An anonymous source who claims to be an employee of a “very large retailer” says that they’ve already received pre-release materials for the Nintendo NX, according to Slash Gear. The source says that retailers will be getting demo units of the NX starting in February in preparation for its official launch the following month.

This latest leaked information was first published under the Nintendo NX subreddit. The moderators of the subreddit said they have done their best to confirm the source’s identity and are confident with the information given by the source.

The source says that the Nintendo NX will launch with at least four games, and one of these titles will be a “Mario” game. Many of the posters promoting the NX console will include heavy co-branding with a Mario launch title. The source also said that the base price for the upcoming console is $299.99.

The Nintendo NX is also said to come with a bundle option that may have a price tag of $399.99. However, there’s currently no information on what the contents of the bundle will include. The subreddit moderators also listed some specifications and features for the NX console.

Games will apparently run on cartridges and the console will be capable of 4K streaming from video services like Netflix. However, gaming will be restricted to full HD 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. As for gaming on the go, there are rumors circulating that games will run in 900p resolution for the hybrid device that can be detached from the NX console.

it’s important to note that all of the information given by the anonymous source has not been confirmed by Nintendo, and it’s possible that some (if not all) of it are inaccurate or even false. The most popular rumor right now is that Nintendo will unveil the NX console on Oct. 21 during one of its Nintendo Direct videos. The date also marks the fifth anniversary of the very first Direct video that the company released.