‘3 Generations’
“3 Generations” was originally titled “About Ray” in 2015. Weinstein Company

The trailer for “3 Generations” has just been released online, and it centers on Ray (Elle Fanning), a teen who wants to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

In the clip, Ray has a very close relationship to her mom, Maggie (Naomi Watts). Maggie is very supportive of her daughter’s desire to transition from a girl to a boy. However, Maggie’s mom, Dolly (Susan Sarandon), who has a girlfriend named Frances (Linda Emond), is unsure whether or not the surgery is a good idea.

After several consultations with Ray’s physician, she and her mom and grandmother are told that she needs to get her father’s consent as well. Unfortunately, Ray doesn’t have a relationship with her dad, Craig (Tate Donovan), because he left her when she was just a baby. But since Ray is determined to become a man, she reaches out to her dad.

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In the clip, Ray is seating at the dinner table with her dad and her dad’s new family. She tells her half siblings that she is a man trapped in a woman’s body. This makes the young kids confused, and Ray’s dad stops her from saying more.

3 Generations” was slated for release in September 2015, but it was pulled out from schedule just days before it was supposed to hit theaters in the United States. After almost two years, the movie has been given a second opportunity with its May 5 release date. The film also features Spoon (Tessa Albertson), Matthew (Sam Trammell), Youngie (Jordan Carlos), Dr. Brillstein (Andrew Polk), Sinda (Maria Dizzia) and more. It is directed by Gaby Dellal and produced by Peter Saraf, Marc Turtletaub and Dorothy Berwin.