• The child was barefooted and his clothes were wet
  • Police have identified his parents, but have not filed criminal charges
  • The child is now in the care of his aunt and uncle

A 3-year-old boy and his dog were allegedly abandoned at a cemetery in Ohio, two days before Christmas.

Police said an eyewitness called 911 after seeing the boy run behind a car, which sped away from Hope Memorial Gardens cemetery in Hinckley last Wednesday. The child was barefooted and his clothes were wet.

The child identified himself as Tony and told the police the first names of his parents, New York Daily News reported. An investigation has been launched into the incident.

In a Facebook post, the Hinckley Police Department said the witness saw a blue car parked blocking the drive in the northeast corner of the cemetery.

"As she drove around the vehicle, she saw it sped away. It was then that she observed a little boy running after the car followed by a dog. The vehicle left the cemetery and went west on SR303 towards Brunswick," the post said.

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Though the police have identified the parents of the child, he is currently in the care of his aunt and uncle, media outlet WGNTV reported.

According to Tony's father, the child has been in the custody of his mother when he and his dog were abandoned. Police said the boy's father has been “very cooperative” in the investigation. He met the police at the cemetery, and they managed to find the dog, which was roaming around the property.

Hinckley Police Chief David Centner said no criminal charges have been filed, and that detectives and caseworkers are continuing their joint investigation.

Meanwhile, Christmas presents are pouring in for Tony, after the police posted the child's picture on social media.

Facebook user Jeremy Lowe of Wadsworth used the social media platform to ask for donations to buy Tony Christmas presents, and the response was overwhelming, with clothes and gifts pouring in from across Medina County and Northeast Ohio, filling the lobby at the Hinckley Police Department.

Lowe, who himself was placed in foster care as a child, said he hoped the gifts would take Tony's mind off the previous bad experience.

"You know, I hope he’s young enough that he doesn’t carry this for the rest of his life. A little boy and his dog, Christmas time. You know, as heartless as it gets, really,” Lowe said.

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