• Huge hogs, apparently lost, caused traffic on a Virginia interstate
  • Cars were grounded to almost an hour due to the wandering pigs
  • Animal Control eventually rounded them up, and charges were filed against the owner of the animals

Lost hogs hogged several lanes on a Virginia interstate, causing traffic to stop and people taking out their mobile phones to capture the moment. One such video found its way to Facebook, where it reaped thousands of views.

Stopped Traffic For Almost An Hour

According to a report by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, vehicles on the southbound Interstate 95 lanes in Caroline and Spotsylvania counties in Virginia ground to a halt for almost an hour as lost pigs wandered on the road. This happened Wednesday, July 1, at around 1 p.m., and fortunately, traffic was not that huge at the time.

Diana Madison, one of the motorists that got stuck on the highway, was on her way home when she came upon the scene. In an interview with a local news outlet, Madison said she saw four hogs, which she estimated to be weighing around 400 pounds each, wandering aimlessly on the lane. She also reported seeing Animal Control officials and some motorists giving the animals aid.

This is a representational image. Steve Buissinne - Pixabay

No Idea How They Got There

Police authorities said the pigs were being transported on a trailer hitched to a Ford pickup truck. However, it was not immediately clear how the animals ended up on the interstate. While two of the hogs appeared to have injuries, there were no signs or any report of vehicles being damaged that may have resulted from bumping into any of the animals.

Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Department deputies and the state police were able to take control of the situation. They closed the section where the pigs were roaming and rounded them all up. A line of vehicles estimated to be around two miles long waited as authorities perform the task of rounding up the hogs. The lanes were reopened after more than 30 minutes.

Ongoing Investigation

According to the Free Lance-Star, a daily newspaper based in Virginia, authorities have filed the appropriate charges against the owner of the animals for failing to secure them properly. An investigation was conducted as to how the pigs managed to get onto the highway.

Bailie Hayden, another motorist who got stuck in the traffic jam because of the wandering hogs, was able to capture a video of the ordeal and posted it on Facebook, where it already garnered 17,611 views as of posting. “All of them were breathing and living but some worse than others. Poor babies,” says the caption on Hayden’s post.