Parents of an infant in New Mexico were charged Wednesday after their baby tested positive for drugs.

According to local reports, Child Protective Services responded to a motel in the 200 block of La Posada Lane on Wednesday after receiving reports stating that a man and a woman were using drugs near a baby. The couple, identified as 31-year-old Sarah Virginia Brewer and 41-year-old and Alexander Baca Gonzalez, was taken into custody from the motel.

The court documents stated that a drug test was conducted on the couple and their four-month-old baby tested positive for drugs. While the infant tested positive for amphetamine, marijuana, and methamphetamine, the parents tested positive for multiple drugs, including heroin. Following this, Gonzalez told investigators that heroin was their drug of choice. He also told them that they were going through a hard time. They were recently asked to vacate their home following which they had been moving from motel to motel.

The couple was charged with child abuse. They were being held in jail without bond.

In a similar incident in Auburn, California, last month, an infant was hospitalized following a possible drug overdose. Police responded to a hospital after receiving information stating that a seven-month-old baby was hospitalized after being exposed to drugs. At the hospital, the officers were informed that the infant’s grandmother, identified as Christine Hillebrandt, rushed the baby to the hospital after witnessing "abnormal behavior." A search warrant was executed at the child’s home during which narcotics and drug paraphernalia were found. Following this, the infant’s grandmother, mother and mother’s associate were arrested and charged.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay