Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo
Could Jinger Duggar be pregnant? Some “Counting On” fans think it’s a possibility she and Jeremy Vuolo are expecting. TLC

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo haven’t announced they’re adding a new member to their family, but that hasn’t stopped “Counting On” fans from speculating they’re expecting their first child.

The pregnancy speculation comes just days after Jinger’s sister Joy-Anna Duggar wed Austin Forsyth. While it doesn’t appear there is any rivalry between the Duggar sisters, it’s clear Joy and Austin are looking to quickly grow their family after less than one week of marriage.

Last month, prior to their wedding day, Joy announced to fans in a Mother’s Day video that she “can’t wait to be a mother myself.” Prior to that, she included having children in her five-year plan while speaking to Crown of Beauty Magazine. Could Joy welcome her first baby before Jinger? Based on these four signs, it doesn’t look like it!


Jinger and Jeremy wed on Nov. 5, 2016 and after almost seven months of marriage, it’s common for a Duggar couple to announce they’re expecting. This, because the Duggars have made it clear in the past that they do not use any preventative measure to stop pregnancy.

If that isn’t enough to stir some pregnancy speculation, Jinger’s siblings have each announced a pregnancy after less than one year after marriage. Jill Dillard announced she was pregnant 90 days after her 2014 wedding to Derick Dillard. The couple is now expecting their second child together, due in a few short weeks. Jessa Seewald and her husband Ben revealed they were expecting five months after tying the knot. Jinger’s eldest sibling, Josh Duggar, and his wife Anna welcomed their first baby, daughter Mackynzie, weeks after their first wedding anniversary. They’re now waiting on baby No. 5.

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Playing Coy

Since the beginning of their courtship, Jinger and Jeremy have acted coy when asked about their plans for children. “We really are just looking to the Lord to see what he provides. We’ll see,” Jeremy said during an October 2016 TLC special. Jinger remained silent during the portion of the questioning.

Being that the couple has been so reserved about discussing plans in the past, it wouldn’t exactly be a shock if they kept the pregnancy secret until they could no longer hide it.

A Want For Children

While Jinger and Jeremy have always been cautious when speaking about their family plans, they have made it clear they’re both very interested in growing their brood. During the very same TLC special, Jeremy said he and Jinger both agree that children are “a joy.”

In February, Jinger told People Magazine they are leaving their baby plans up to a “higher power.” “We are just enjoying our life together and we will see what the Lord does,” Jinger said at the time.

Video Evidence?

While some fans remain unconvinced, “Counting On” viewers claim to have spotted a hint of a baby bump on Jinger in a video from Joy and Austin Forsyth’s wedding. “It’s really hard to believe that this day is here,” Jinger says in a video congratulating her sister and new brother-in-law. “Joy, just seeing you grow up and mature into a godly young woman and now seeing your love for Austin, we’re so excited for you guys.”

While Jinger didn’t make any mention of a baby in the clip, comments from viewers claim they spot a small bump on the reality star in the footage.

“Definitely see a bump but she could’ve done a close up if she wanted to hide it. Maybe they are teasing us and slowly revealing she’s pregnant. Love this family,” one fan wrote.

“I think she’s pregnant,” said another. “She’s pregnant and trying to hide it,” reads a third comment.