• A mumps outbreak in the UK had health authorities worried
  • They are now calling out to citizens to verify the status of their MMR vaccinations
  • Knowing the symptoms of mumps as they appear could also help patients

A mumps outbreak in the UK had a lot of people worrying about the disease. Health officials grew more anxious and tried to reach out to the people. Their primary concern was whether people had gotten their MMR vaccinations, which stands for mumps, measles, rubella.

Contagious Viral Infection

According to Express, mumps is a viral infection, which is very contagious. Those who were affected were mostly young adults, those born in the years between 1980 and 1990, as they have not yet received MMR vaccines. There are others who did not experience having mumps as a child, which made them more prone to the disease.

mumps, symptoms, vaccine
mumps, symptoms, vaccine Tumisu - Pixabay

Two of the pinpointed areas in the UK where there were confirmed cases of mumps were Sussex and Surrey. Public Health England noted that 18 cases were already recorded. This was the number during Christmas. In the week that ended on January 12 in the North East, 95 reports were tallied. Also, in the week that ended on January 5, there were 74 recorded.

In Nottinghamshire, the numbers have increased dramatically. The same was the report in Wales where mumps cases have also risen. Because of the staggering numbers, the PHE alerted individuals that if they suspect that a member of the family has mumps, they have to seek medical attention. They are also advised to refrain from going to work or school. This abstinence from mingling with other people must be done for five days so as to prevent further affecting others.

MMR Vaccines

For those who may have had the MMR vaccine but seemed unsure, they must contact their doctors so that they would be able to verify whether they had it. Parents also received ample advice to be wary about the disease and to have their children vaccinated. They need to receive two MMR doses. If they are not so sure, then they must seek medical attention.

The most identifiable symptom of mumps is the painful swelling that occurs under the ears or at the side of the face. This results in a puffy hamster-like appearance. Other common symptoms include joint pain, high temperature, and headaches.