A four-week-old baby in Arizona was found dead Wednesday inside his home, hours after his mom reported his abduction.

Chandler Police Department said the 19-year-old mother, who reported the toddler was abducted from Brooks Crossing Park in Chandler, “was not able to provide a description of the perpetrator.” The police said the woman made the call around afternoon from the park.

She told officers she was putting the child in his car seat when the incident happened. According to a report in WTSP, a CBS-affiliated television station, the woman said someone came up from behind and put a bag over her child. He or she then took her child and fled the scene.

Officers immediately began an intense search of the area, which included the mother’s apartment near Dobson Road and Loop 202, which was situated a few miles from the park. Around two hours after the search began, the police found the baby dead in the woman’s apartment. The police did not specify where the body of the toddler was found. They did not give any details regarding the nature of the child’s death as well.

The police questioned the woman Wednesday afternoon, Chandler Detective Seth Tyler said adding, detectives “do not believe the abduction claim was credible.” According to a report in Fox News, the woman was being treated as the only suspect in the case.

The woman’s car was found at the park by the investigating officers who said it will most likely be impounded.

Reports said the woman was cooperating with investigators.

Other details regarding the woman and the deceased child were not made available at the time of the report.

In an unrelated incident, a baby girl was found dead inside a hot SUV which was parked outside a gas station near Sanford, Florida, Sept. 28 afternoon, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to reports, the girl’s mother went to work in the morning and apparently forgot the one-year-old was in the car.

Bob Kealing, a Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said the 29-year-old mother, Kailyn Pollard, was at a Wawa, 4660 W. State Road 46, when the girl, Kit Noelle Pollard, was found in the car. Later reports said the woman forgot to take the child to the daycare that day and left her in the car.

Seminole County Fire Rescue responded to the incident at about 4.50 p.m. EDT. The baby was pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident was being investigated and the mother was questioned by the authorities, reports said.

The girl’s body was taken from the Chevrolet Traverse that was parked next to the gas pump to the transport van late Sept. 28 by medical examiners. Officers used sheets to shield the view from the public.

Kailyn was charged with negligent manslaughter in the death of her one-year-old daughter.

Baby Found Dead In Apartment
A 4-week-old baby was found dead in an apartment a few hours after his mother reported his abduction. Pictured, a two-week-old baby eyes his new world. Getty Images/Christopher Furlong