The new year is almost here and we all are brainstorming ways to make resolutions that will help us better ourselves in 2022. But how can we choose ones that we can actually keep?

After all the indulging during the holidays, people may be tempted to make big new year's resolutions for their health, but these aren't always easy to keep. By a few months into the new year, many might even end up being frustrated with their hard-to-keep resolutions.

How can one choose new year's resolutions that they can actually turn into a new health habit? One easy way would be to not make big or extreme ones. For instance, deciding to completely cut out sugar from one's diet may not be realistic. Instead, it might be better to try and limit one's sugar intake based on expert recommendations.

Deciding to lose a certain number of pounds, or taking a vowing to exercise daily may also cause disappointments later. Instead of focusing on a number on the scale, deciding to sit less and move more to reduce a sedimentary lifestyle might be a more achievable goal.

Here are some other realistic and achievable new year's resolutions for health that you may want to try in 2022. (Courtesy: Country Living, Healthline and Good Housekeeping)

Get Out More

Getting closer to nature has its benefits in reducing stress, but getting out of the house more doesn't always have to mean going on a hike or somewhere far away. Even something as simple as going for a walk in the park more or perhaps having another lap during a walk with your dog may help.

Eat Whole Foods

It's not quite as easy to completely switch one's diet, but gradually eating healthy food may help improve one's diet. For instance, one may add more whole foods such as vegetables, nuts, fruits, grains and seeds to their diet. According to Healthline, one of the benefits of a whole-food-based diet is that it may help "reduce heart disease risk factors."

Even adding one serving of whole foods every day may help slowly incorporate them into your diet.

Grow Something

Research has shown that caring for plants can help lower blood pressure and calm the autonomic nervous system. Those who work close to plants also reported having better satisfaction, concentration and perceived air quality, Good Housekeeping noted.

Although not everyone is great at gardening, you can try your hand at keeping a simple, low-maintenance plant at home.

Drink More Water

You don't have to stop drinking non-water beverages altogether, but perhaps replacing one or two cups of coffee or other sweet beverages with a glass of lukewarm water may help increase your water intake. For instance, one thing that could help you stay motivated would be to buy a cute cup that's specifically for your daily water consumption.

Find An Exercise You Actually Like

Joining a gym or online fitness program to start exercises that you don't particularly like may not really lead to lasting habits. So, keep that in mind to choose one that you actually enjoy as it may help you find a routine that you can actually stick to.

Whether you choose swimming or dancing or a bike ride, setting an attainable goal per week for an activity that you truly enjoy may help make the routine last, especially for those who are still new to exercise.

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