Florida 5
Five arrested in Florida on a number of drug and gun related charges on Tuesday August 8, 2017. Photos courtesy of Pasco County Sheriff's Office

Five people were arrested in New Port Richey, Florida on Tuesday after a search warrant was issued to the Pasco County Sheriff’s office. Among other items, deputies discovered hundreds of pages of Nazi propaganda, meth and guns, according to the sheriff’s office.

Those arrested were Alexander Nowokunski, 33, Gabrielle Price, 24, Steven Crumbley, 31, Melinda Zalneraitis, 47 and Michael Baun, 28. Crumbley and Nowokunski are both members of the Aryan Brotherhood according to Kevin Doll, public information officer for the Pasco County Sheriff’s office.

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While searching the property officers found hundreds of pages worth of miscellaneous bank accounts and additional personal identification information. They also found credit cards and military, state and veteran ID cards. They found insurance cards and vehicle titles.

Doll said that the investigation into these items is ongoing.

Police also discovered drugs and drug paraphernalia including 12 grams of meth, opiates, needles, bubbles, scales and spoons .

Weapons were found on the property including several pistols and a rifle. Police discovered ammunition and holsters as well.

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The Nazi propaganda included rules, hierarchy and oaths. And according to the sheriff’s department, a stolen vehicle was recovered from the wooded property located near the central west coast of Florida.

Charges against the five arrested include felon in charge of a firearm and ammo, possession of a firearm with altered serial number, possession of meth with the intent to distribute, possession of opiates and possession of paraphernalia.


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