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Disinfection Fog
Disinfection Fog Pixabay

With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, businesses and other establishments are slowly opening up so that we can have a sense of normalcy in this turbulent time. As we begin to interact with one another, it's important for us to stay safe and, with that, regularly disinfect where we live and work, especially when many other people visit.

Help keep your office safe and secure from health hazards and regularly remove harmful biohazards from your vicinity with 5 of the best disinfectant fogger machines.

1. Vinpie Disinfectant Fogger Atomizer
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Vinpie Disinfectant Fogger Atomizer has a large 12-L capacity so that you can thoroughly disinfect every part of your office using a long-reaching wand that makes it easy to spray disinfectants everywhere. This easy-to-use product is highly efficient, spreading uniform droplets over long range without leaving your office soaking wet.

2. SuperHandy Fogger Machine
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SuperHandy Fogger Machine can spray your disinfectant with a powerful 1200W 110VAC atomizer spray than can produce droplets smaller than 1/20 of a millimeter. This machine is built to distribute high speed, fine aerosols that are ideal to fight disease-causing bacteria and viruses n surfaces and in the air.

3. AlphaWorks Back Pack Mist Duster
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AlphaWorks Back Pack Mist Duster meets and exceeds commercial-grade quality standards for dependable, reliable performance of disinfectant misting. Its wide coverage, powerful motor, and broad reach allow you to cover your office in record time, strongly building defenses against airborne pathogens.

4. SuperHandy Fogger Machine
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SuperHandy Fogger Machine can expend its 10-L liquid capacity evenly and with precision throughout your office. It generates a fine mist that's efficient and strongly penetrates, filtering out dust and pathogens for extra protection. Use its atomizing features to protect your office.

5. Brüun Disinfectant Cold Fogger
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Brüun Disinfectant Cold Fogger saves time and cost by using high-volume, high-efficiency, and high-speed aerosols to rapidly diffuse a mist of human-safe yet powerful disinfectants that can kill strong pathogens in your office environment. Fumigate your office with this powerful fine mister that reaches all corners of the building.