Halloween season is upon us again and everyone is geared up to slip into spooky costumes, indulge in some Trick or Treat candies, and role-plays. Essentially, the night of Oct. 31 is always a good excuse to try something new, including a new holiday destination.

Every year, Halloween brings about visuals of garden lawns bedecked with jack-o'-lanterns, ghosts and goblins, cobwebs, and all things spooky. While many people take part in overnight parties with great enthusiasm, some seek to visit haunted places around the country to make the fall vacation all the more memorable.

For those who refuse to limit themselves to only exploring their neighborhood to bring the Halloween spirit alive, renting out a haunted house and spending a night there with family is a great idea, as well as the safest way to celebrate Halloween this year amid the nationwide social distancing policies.

If you are one of those horror-buffs looking out for goosebump-inspiring haunted cabins in the woods, here are some recommendations:

The ''Scream'' House, California:

This suburban Northern California house features spooky decor that indicates ghostly presence. For those uninformed, the house was the shooting spot of Drew Barrymore's film 1996 classic "Scream" depicting a story of a teenage girl who lost her mother to a brutal murder. Since this year marks the 25th anniversary of the film, the house is put up for rent in Airbnb for those who want take the Fall getaway to a new level.

Hotel Peter and Paul, New Orleans:

The best Halloween gateways, arguably, are old churches, abandoned schoolhouses, or convents and this hotel is everything rolled into one. Have your blood run cold by spending the night with spirits in this destination. The hotel can be booked through Booking.com.

The Hobo Hill House, Missouri:

The house is at its architectural best but the interior doesn't fail to haunt you. Located in Jefferson County, the two-story American Foursquare-style home is best to have spooky vibes this Halloween. The house is listed in Vrbo for booking.

Shamrock House, South Carolina:

According to legends, the house is occupied by Nancy the Ghost whose weeping sounds make visitors' hair stand on end. Excited to meet the weary soul? Make your reservation through Vrbo.

Inspiration House, Ohio:

located about 45 minutes from Cleveland in the city of Oberlin, the house is replete with creepy dolls, creaky floorbeds, and everything else to usher the visitor into the paranormal universe. The vintage house, which was built in the 1870s, is now owned by paranormal researcher and author Michelle Belanger, who has been featured on TV shows "Paranormal State" and "Portals to Hell."

Does the thought of sleeping in a room with unknown spirits thrill you? Rest assured to have a fulfilling experience as Belanger confirmed the presence of spirits in the house. The property is listed on Airbnb for bookings.

Perfect for the spooky season.
Perfect for the spooky season. Jewel Scent