Five People Found Dead In Three Different Incidents North Of Baton Rogue
In this photo, FBI agents assemble outside a house where federal investigators and local police held a raid and detained three people in the mid-city area of Los Angeles, California, June 08, 2017. Getty Images/Mark Ralston

Five people have been found dead in three different incidents that occurred in Baton Rouge, a city on the Mississippi River and the capital of Louisiana. According to an NBC-affiliated television station, WVLA-TV, an unidentified female body was found in the woods at 11:15 a.m. local time (12:15 p.m. EST) on Sunday in East Feliciana Parish located in the located in the U.S. state of Louisiana.

Jeff Travis, East Feliciana sheriff confirmed the news and said that the body was reported by a citizen who came onto Nesom Road and found something suspicious, 25 yards away from the road. Reports suggest that the presence of the body was confirmed when the citizen notified a deputy in the area. The body was discovered in a wooded area off of Highway 63 at Nesom Road. The police are still investigating the matter and the cause of death has not been released yet. The East Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating it as a suspicious death.

One more incident occurred just a few hours later in Zachary, five miles down Plank Road where a man was fatally shot at around 4:45 p.m. local time (5:45 p.m. EST) outside the Crossroad's Grocery Store and gas station. The news was confirmed by Zachary Police Chief David McDavid and Emergency Medical Services spokesman Mike Chustz, as reported by The Middletown Press.

According to the officials, the shooting was a result of a fight near the gas pumps. The shooter is not yet identified and the police haven’t established a connection between the shooter and the victim. The body was discovered on the ground near a vehicle, according to the chief.

Mc David also shared his doubt on whether the people involved in the Zachary homicide were citizens of the town.

"Something might have happened somewhere else and they just came here to Zachary and the incident happened here," McDavid said. "I just think people need to really dig deep and find out what's the cause of this."

Another incident occurred the same day when police officers found three people shot and killed inside of a house in East Feliciana Parish, as reported by CBS-affiliated television station WAFB. According to witnesses, the shooting took place on Sunday evening around 5:00 p.m. local time (6:00 p.m. EST) off of Plank Road. The Sheriff’s office also confirmed that they are working alongside state police and East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office to investigate the matter.

Interestingly, this incident happened only a few hours after a woman’s body was found in a wooded area and a fatal shooting occurred in Zachary at the Crossroads Grocery Store.

Authorities have still not established whether the slayings are connected with each other and won’t comment on the matter until further investigations are completed. Mc David confirmed that police is working hand in hand with other agencies to get to the bottom of these incidents. “We're working hand in hand with the other agencies to find out what's going on up there and if they are related to our investigation here also," he said.