Green Beans
Thanksgiving green beans can be made in various ways. Getty Images

Green bean casserole is a traditional Thanksgiving side, but it can be made in different versions. Continue reading to find out five alternative ways to prepare the classic dish.

1. The Original: As most Thanksgiving enthusiasts know, green bean casserole consists of green beans, cream of mushroom soup, French fried onions, milk, soy sauce and ground black pepper. Dorcas Reilly at the Campbell Soup Company created it in 1955. She came up with the concoction based on ingredients she thought Americans had in the panty already.

2. Green Bean Poutine: Ditch the French fries for a new riff with green beans. Poutine is when French fries are slathered in gravy and white cheese. If this sounds appetizing, check out out this green bean poutine recipe from Closet Cooking.

3. Italian Style: Thanksgiving is an All-American holiday, but that doesn’t mean a little Italian influence doesn't have a place on the table. Top green beans with mozzarella and roasted red peppers to make the casserole pop. More, the red, white and green colors pay tribute Italy. Check out the recipe on

4. Vegan Green Bean Casserole: Not everyone is an omnivore on Thanksgiving, so the vegan version of green bean casserole could be a good way to please all guests. A recipe by Minimalist Baker is both dairy-free and meat-free.

5. “Diet” Green Bean Casserole: Most people look forward to over-eating on Thanksgiving, but not every is willing to let out their pants on Turkey Day. For those who are cautious about their weight, a “diet” option might be the best way to make green bean casserole. This recipe on Eating Well is a tasty version. It calls for low-fat milk and reduced-fat sour cream. Of course, it also has fewer calories than most people.

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