A heart attack is an unexpected and painful event that can come without warning. This is perhaps why heart attacks are often called treacherous ailments.

A heart attack occurs when part of your heart muscle is deprived of blood and oxygen. Early treatment, as per the British Heart Foundation, can help save your life.

Identifying the warning signs can significantly improve your body's condition, and according to the information site Bright Side, crucial symptoms might occur one month (or even earlier) before a heart attack.

symptoms of heart attack 1 month before
symptoms of heart attack 1 month before Engin_Akyurt - Pixabay

Uncommon Fatigue

While it is reasonable to feel tired and exhausted after a particularly busy day, this type of fatigue is not caused by any mental or physical activity. This kind of fatigue oftentimes worsens at the end of the day. Studies reveal that this is one major indication of an imminent heart attack. According to Bright Side, this symptom occurs more frequently in women than men. Unusual fatigue usually sets in when attempting to do simple tasks, like taking a shower or making a bed.

Pain in the Abdomen

Episodic abdominal pains could happen prior to an attack. This type of abdominal pain may ease then return within short intervals. Mayo Clinic says that the pain can extend downward into the area of the abdomen. The pain is similar to heartburns.


Sleeplessness or insomnia has also been linked to an elevated risk of a stroke or heart attack. Like unusual fatigue, more women suffer from this than men.

Many studies have established a link between heart attack risk and insomnia. One such study, which was published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, discovered substantial relationships between sleeplessness and increased risk of stroke and heart disease.


Men and women who had bouts with heart attacks reported having experienced shortness of breath six months before the actual attack happened. Bright Side says that this symptom oftentimes serves as a warning sign of several health conditions, including heart attack.

Professor Peter Weissberg, an Honorary Consultant Cardiologist to Addenbrooke’s Hospital and former Medical Director of the BHF, said that breathlessness is a sign of a possibly serious heart ailment. He advises seeking an immediate appointment with your doctor as soon as you experience shortness of breath while performing routine activities.

Excessive Sweating

Sweating profusely is another early warning symptom of an impending heart attack. In fact, this symptom gives a strong indication that an attack can occur any time soon, whether day or night. Like most warning signs, this symptom is often experienced by women and is usually confused with menopausal symptoms like hot flashes or night sweats.

Calm Down

If you think you are having a heart attack, do not panic as it may aggravate your condition. Try to sit down if you can and rest. If you have a phone nearby, call the paramedics and stay calm while waiting for them. Ask someone else to do it for you if you are unable to do it yourself. The important thing, in this situation, is for you to be accorded immediate medical attention and brought to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.