A man in Grand Forks, North Dakota, was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment Wednesday for killing his girlfriend’s five-month-old daughter.

According to the criminal complaint, 20-year-old Mason Matthew Kamrowski returned home from work on May 21, 2018, when his girlfriend asked him to watch her baby, identified as Brynley Rymer, as she had to go shopping. A few hours later, Kamrowski, rushed the baby to a nearby hospital after she suffered a medical emergency. The baby was airlifted to another hospital where she died the following day. An autopsy revealed that the injuries the baby suffered were "abusive in nature and not the results of an accident or a natural disease.”

It was then revealed that the baby died of brain injury which was caused by “violent shaking” and the baby had two strokes and three heart attacks before she died. A criminal case was filed against Kamrowski in September 2018 and in August this year, he pleaded guilty to the crime.

Following the sentencing Wednesday, the baby’s family members said they were unhappy with the short sentence.

“Once those 22 years are up, he still has the chance to do something with his life. ‘How is that fair?’” they asked.

Meanwhile, Kamrowski, who also faced unrelated charges related to a drug-deal, could spend five years on probation post his release.

The Rymer ’s obituary said she “brought sunshine to everyone’s day with her sweet, sweet smile. She loved to be sang to and fall asleep in your arms and always got so excited when she heard her bottle shake. She hated tummy time and always wanted to be held.”

Representational image of a man in handcuffs.