Kate Middleton is the “Queen of Normal.”

The Duchess of Cambridge is set to be a queen consort when her husband, Prince William, is crowned king. Even if the royal mom of three has a huge role to fill, she has proven to everyone that she is normal. Here are the different things Middleton does that show that she’s the “Queen of Normal,” according to The Sun.

Shops with kids

Middleton was seen doing shopping with her children. She was even spotted buying Prince George and Princess Charlotte new pairs of shoes before their classes started.

“Over the years I've enjoyed seeing pics of Kate going about a routine things like shopping. She is a perfect representative of the Crown while on royal duties, and just relatable Kate when not on duties,” one wrote on Instagram.

Bonds with other moms in a pub

According to recent reports, Middleton sneaked into a local pub for a drink with other mothers. She reportedly used a secret entrance through a rear alley that was installed for Prince Harry back in his bachelor days.

Loves bargain

Middleton has been spotted buying her own groceries over the years. One time, she was seen visiting Waitrose in Norfolk. She was seen holding something that appeared to be coriander or parsley with a “25 percent off” sticker.

Middleton is not the only royal who is fond of bargain because the Queen herself loves bargaining, too. According to Angela Kelly, Queen Elizabeth II’s hairdresser, she almost missed her flight for claiming a tax back on fabric she purchased for the monarch in Singapore. According to her, the Queen’s face was priceless when she handed the tax refund to Her Majesty.

Fetches kids from school

In 2018, Prince William’s wife was photographed driving her Range Rover. She was caught in traffic as she made her way to fetch Prince George from school.

Packs lunches and snacks for kids

When Middleton travels with her children, she makes sure that they have something to munch on especially during long flights. A container filled with goodies was even photographed inside her car.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton arrives to launch a new national support line at the charity Family Action on Jan. 22, 2019 in Lewisham, England.  Getty Images/Adrian Dennis