Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton have been criticized for not speaking up for Meghan Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex has been plagued with different controversies after she joined the royal family. Markle was criticized for overspending on her wardrobe, some accused her of ruining the royal family. Others claimed that she forced Prince Harry to choose between her and his family.

Despite the many issues involving Markle, most of the members of the royal family members never interfere. The majority including Queen Elizabeth II and Middleton just kept quiet, and this irked the netizens.

“The silence of Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton and all the women in the British Royal Family speaks for itself. Silence is a stance. Stop trying to make them white saviors for Meghan Markle. It’s obvious they don’t care,” one netizen wrote on Twitter.

Another agreed and commented that “their silence has been very loud & their stance very clear for the last 3 yrs.” A different user added that Queen Elizabeth II, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge profited from the abuse Markle received. The same user wrote that the only relevant royals for her are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Others claimed that the Queen and Duchess of Cambridge didn’t care because they were jealous of Markle. Some also pointed out how Queen Elizabeth II was photographed with Prince Andrew, who was linked to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. They felt that the Queen was showing her support to her son by making appearances with him.

A different online user believes that the royal family should better stay silent because it would be utterly vulgar and opportunistic to only speak out now because nobody wants to hear from them anymore. Another netizen agreed saying that it’s too late for them to express their concern for Markle.

Meanwhile, some defended the Queen and Middleton. One said that the royals live by the mantra “never complain, never explain,” so the public should not expect them to speak up.

Another user said that if Markle behaved properly, she wouldn’t need anyone to speak for her. Middleton was also hounded by the press and nobody expected the Queen to speak for her.