If you picked up a tablet computer during the early days of home quarantine and are wondering how you can maximize it, then you’re in the right place. We’ll be sharing how else you can use your tablet -- beyond the video calls and gaming.

Tablet computers have evolved rapidly in recent years thanks to ever-growing consumer needs and rapid technological development -- from amazing cameras to writing with a stylus and more.

1. Use as a digital notebook

Digital Notebook Transform your tablet into a digital notebook with the help trusted apps Photo: Anthony Shkraba / Pexels

If you like doodling and taking notes, a tablet is one great investment for you. Many of the tablets nowadays, especially the recent iPad models, come with the ability to work with stylus pens. These accessories allow you to take notes, annotate on PDFs or even draw and paint! With the help of some apps and a stylus pen, you can turn your tablet into a digital notebook!

2. Shoppers haven

Shopping With a bigger screen, it's amazing to do your online shopping with a tablet Photo: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

While there’s still something unique about going inside a store, checking out the goods and feeling it with your own hands, this experience can sometimes be exchanged for online shopping -- especially if you have a full day ahead of you and no time to step inside an outlet.

This is where your tablet comes in. With screen sizes getting bigger each year, you’ll have a good view of the item you’ve been eyeing for so long. And, with access to the internet, you can research about it and read reviews and feedback about the product -- for a better understanding and more informed purchase.

And thanks to technology, there are tablets that offer Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) -- which is a welcome feature for those who fancy seeing a 360-degree view of the item before checking out.

3. An education portal 

tablet A powerful tool that can be used for all types of learning Photo: Photo Mix / Pixabay

If you have a kid and they are currently enrolled, a tablet computer is a great device alternative to conduct distance learning. These devices are powerful enough to execute the learning needs of any student. 

On the other hand, if you’re a professional and are looking to improve your skills, there are hundreds of apps available in the store for you to download and subscribe to. These apps provide videos and other learning resources you can do on your own to better your understanding.

4. Editor's companion

edit Edit on-the-go with a tablet Photo: RF._.studio / Pexels

While laptops are the go-to for photo and video editing, tablets are slowly being considered as great contenders for these tasks. Not only do they serve as a somewhat more portable alternative, they also have a good range of apps to implement such tedious tasks.

And with better hardware coming to tablets, it’s no surprise that some consider editing on tablets a delight! Check out how well you’ll fare in the app versions of the Adobe Lightroom or VSCO and watch your works come to life.

5. Your personal entertainment hub 

entertainment Turn your tablet into an entertainment hub by installing apps that will suit your leisure needs Photo: Sabrina Günther / Pexels

If you are out of the house, a tablet can be a great leisure tool to pass the time. With a screen bigger than your phone and being more friendly to hold than a laptop, it’s no surprise that it can be considered as your personal entertainment hub on-the-go. You can switch between watching your favorite movie or TV show, to catching up on some light reading or getting immersed in your fave band’s latest discography. 

If equipped with good battery life, your tablet can keep you company for the whole day. Binge watch on Netflix, strut to the tunes of your fave artist via Spotify or switch to any of the eBook readers available -- like Amazon Kindle and the Nook app from Barnes and Noble.

Where to get the best tablet deals

For those who are ready to explore and expand the capability of their tablet computers, you need a dependable store to provide you with all the accessories you need to make the most out of your device.

FastTech Shop for tablet accessories in FastTech. Photo: fasttech.com

FastTech is a great one-stop-shop for all your gadget needs. Got an iPad? It carries accessories to accompany your Apple tablet like case covers, screen protectors and more.

Looking for an Android tablet? They might just have what you’re looking for -- like this Huawei MediaPad. They also have accessories that can support your Android tablet.

Gear up your tablets with the right accessories so you can take advantage of its features and use it for more than just video calls and games!