Two childcare workers identified as Emma Dietrich, 31 and Joshua Tennant, 27 were booked for endangering children for allegedly sitting by and doing nothing when a 5-year-old girl was subjected to "extreme bullying" by other students.

The victim of the incident which happened in Ohio, was identified as S.K in the incident report. ABC News reported that Columbus police officers arrested Dietrich and Tennant on Tuesday at the Worthington Learning Center based on a video which was recorded at the day care center on Aug.13.

The video, which has not been released by the police, reportedly shows two people, probably Dietrich and Tennant, sitting at a table in a classroom when the incident occurred.

According to the incident report, "At 11:21 a. m. S.K is brought into Ms. Dietrich’s classroom by one of Ms. Dietrich’s older students (identified as L.B.). In the video the older students are grabbing, pulling, dragging, swinging, and just 'bullying' S.K., she appears frightened and keeps her eyes closed or covered and attempts to curl up into a fetal position. At one point S.K. attempts to get away from the other students and they continue to 'bully' her by grabbing her and holding her down."

The report further states, "During the video, Ms. Dietrich and Mr. Tennant continually sit in their chairs at a table and watch the 'bullying' actions of the other students against S.K. and do not attempt to ... stop the 'bullying' actions of the students. At one point in the video Mr. Tennant picks S.K. up by her right ankle (eventually he grabs her left leg) and carries her upside down and places her back on the rug. The Worthington Learning Center has been cooperative through the scope of this investigation."

Documents released by Franklin County Municipal Court reprimanded Dietrich for creating "a substantial risk to the safety" of S.K "by violating a duty of care and protection."

The Columbus Ohio Police said in a tweet that the "5-year-old female victim endured extreme bullying by students" while "Dietrich & Tennant sat & watched."

A screenshot from the video released by Columbus Police in their Twitter page showed a man, in all likelihood Tennant, holding the victim upside down.

The said: "While we are protecting the identity of the 5-year-old victim we want to share with you the severity of what little girl endured in a learning center."

ABC News reported that when it called the center, a woman who picked up refused to take any questions saying the staff was teaching. The owner of the daycare center is cooperating with authorities, Columbus ABC Affiliate WSYX said Tuesday.

Bullying affects kids long into adulthood and could have negative health consequences. Pixabay, public domain