A new poll result suggests that almost half of the America's population is dissatisfied by God's performance, if God exists.

"If God exists, voters would give God a strong 52-9 approval rating. This is hardly a surprise considering the vast majority of the country believes in an infallible deity, but some of the cross tabs are quite interesting," said the Public Policy polling blog post.

Public Policy Polling is a Democratic firm based in North Carolina.

The polling question that prompted this curious response was, "If God exists, do you approve or disapprove of its performance?"

"When asked to evaluate God on some of the issues it is responsible for, voters give God its best rating on creating the universe, 71-5," the polling report said. "They also approve of its handling of the animal kingdom 56-11, and even its handling of natural disasters 50-13."

The poll results also suggests that the way people perceive God's existence and job performance largely depends on the age-group they belong to. "There is a considerable age divide on God's approval with those 18-29 approving 67-18 compared to a 40-6 approval rating among those over 65. What jumps out from this divide is not just that young voters are more likely to be critical of the job performance of the omnipotent figure, but that they are considerably more likely to voice their opinion," said the blog post.

People give worst ratings to god in the handling of animals.

Americans give a 50 approvals and 13 disapprovals on occasional earthquake or hurricane. They might believe that these atrocities build character.