A 6-year-old girl in New Jersey was lauded by Avenel Fire Department for saving her family from a house fire.

"To say all of us here at the Avenel Fire Department are so proud of you is an understatement," the department said in a Facebook post, referring to the girl.

The girl, her parents, and her 2-year-old brother could safely evacuate their Middlesex County house, thanks to the child, Cory S. Spillar, a fire official, said.

The girl, Madalyn Karlbon, woke up early Sunday (2:17 a.m EST) to a burning sensation in her eyes and throat in their 415 Hyatt Street house. She also heard the smoke detector alarm, Spillar said. She went downstairs to spot a fire.

The girl said “Daddy, the house is on fire, the house is on fire,” Jimmy Karlbon, Madalyn’s father, told WPVI-TV. "I didn't hear the smoke detectors. I didn't hear nothing. All I heard was, 'The house is on fire.'” 

Madalyn wanted to awaken her mother who was sleeping downstairs but in vain. She rushed back upstairs where her father was sleeping and woke him up to alert him. The father then first got her and her younger brother out of the house and brought the mother out thereafter, Spillar said.

"I tried to wake up mommy," Madalyn said. "And then I called daddy's name, and daddy woke up Hunter and mommy."

The children and the father had reportedly gone to bed Saturday night. The mother came home later and fell asleep downstairs.

"Way to go Madalyn. You're indeed a hero!!!" the Fire Department said.

Spillar said the fire was accidental. It seemed to have erupted from the kitchen stove during a cooking process which no one noticed before falling asleep. He said the kitchen suffered major damage. An investigation is on to find the exact reason for the fire.

The house was deemed inhabitable by the fire department. The family lost almost all of their belongings. Spillar said the family was temporarily staying at a hotel.