• Officers were responding to reports of disturbances in their apartment
  • They reported smelling urine and seeing the victim's clothes soaked 
  • Funnye denied the act but agreed he had been drinking the whole evening

A 61-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly tossing a bucket of urine at his girlfriend during an argument.

Myrtle Beach Police Department said Fred Funnye was arrested from his South Carolina home Tuesday morning. The arrest report says he drunkenly tossed a bucket he uses to relieve himself at his much younger girlfriend, reports New York Daily News.

Funnye will be charged with criminal domestic violence in the third degree, the report added. Officers who responded to the disturbance around 3 a.m. at the couple's apartment met the victim who "did have her clothes soaked in urine."

The victim reportedly told police that Funnye got drunk earlier in the evening and after arriving home, started an argument with the woman about "about favors that needed to be done." He then began to verbally abuse her, calling her a "bunch of profanities" before he grabbed the bucket and threw it at her, she alleged.

However, the report did not address why the man chose to relieve himself in the bucket or the reasons for the attack.

An officer on scene has also reported spotting "liquid on the floor" and "smelling urine," in the arrest report.

Funnye was seen passed out and had to be woken up by an officer. Though he denied throwing anything at the victim, Funnye admitted to drinking earlier. "The offender still smelled of an alcoholic beverage," the officer noted. He was immediately placed on the arrest. The report added that Funnye has no prior convictions within the last 10 years.

According to the victim, she has been dating Funnye for the past four years. They moved in together around five months ago.

Last year, a man was arrested from Wichita Falls in Texas for throwing human waste at his girlfriend following an argument. Police booked Matthew Vasquez for aggravated assault after his girlfriend alleged he threw a bucket of urine and feces at her. Officers who arrived at their property following complaints about disturbances at their trailer home found the duo sitting on the porch of the trailer with waste all over their body. The woman also had a dislocated jaw.

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