“68 Whiskey” is a war-centered story that follows army soldiers deployed to Afghanistan. While in this new and unfamiliar environment, the team of U.S. soldiers form friendships and rivalries that make this comedy-drama what it is. 

“We searched far and wide for this cast,” executive producer Michael Lehman stated in the video below. With many rounds of auditions and talent searching, they ended up with a cast they are proud of -- and you may recognize some of these actors from their previous works. 

Sam Keeley plays Cooper Roback, the central protagonist of “68 Whiskey.” He’s mostly a cocky, everyman character who challenges authority and develops a rivalry with a member of a different militia named Sasquatch. While his career is still rather fresh and on the rise, you may recognize him as one of the main characters in the popular horror drama “The Cured.” He also played a guest role in the cult classic British Channel 4 show “Misfits.” 

Gage Golightly plays Corporal Grace Durkin, a “stand-off-ish” medic with “a really big heart.” She is the love interest of Roback’s rival, Sasquatch. Golightly is someone you may recognize from Amazon’s “Red Oaks,” MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” or The CW’s “iZombie.” 

In one of her very first American Hollywood acting gigs, Cristina Rodlo plays Sergeant Rosa Alvarez. Her character is an immigrant who has to settle with the fact that the same country she fights to protect is deporting her family. She feels helpless overseas, but that doesn’t stop her from doing her part. She is probably best known for having a recurring role in Season 2 of “The Terror.” 

Staff Sergeant Mekhi Davis, played by Jeremy Tardy, is great at what he does but suffers from the troubling news that his mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Now, he must figure outside-hustles in order to take care of his people at home. 

Tardy, along with Sasquatch actor Derek Theler, played a superhero character in the never-aired Marvel Television pilot “New Warriors.” He might be best known for the film “Bone Tomahawk,” as well as being in 6 episodes of “Ballers.” Theler, who plays the rough-and-tough rival to Roback, is best known for playing Danny Wheeler in “Baby Daddy” and Donar the Great in “American Gods.” 

Beth Riesgraf plays Major Sonia Holloway, the right-hand woman of Colonel Harlan Austin (Lamont Thompson) who she describes as reliable and someone whom Austin can go to for help. She knows the ins and outs of military life while having a family of her own. Riesgraf’s most familiar roles include playing Parker in TNT’s “Leverage” and Billy’s mother on “Stranger Things.”