Saturday kicks off Memorial Day weekend, but it’s also National Hamburger Day. Yes, there’s an actual day to celebrate one of the most delicious patties ever made. While there are sure to be a ton of deals and freebies for all you burger lovers, nothings beats staying in and trying a few simple and delicious recipes at home that will totally impress your friends and family.

Check out seven mouth-watering hamburger recipes below.

Classic Burger: The classic hamburger is probably one of the simplest burgers to make. Martha Stewart has a quick recipe that doesn’t include a lot of ingredients. All you need is chuck ground beef, salt, pepper, hamburger buns and any condiments you like. To see how Stewart makes her classic burger, click here.

Egg In A Hole Burger: For those wanting to push the envelope a little try adding a surprise in the middle of your burger. Delish calls the Egg in a Hole burger “seriously amazing” and it’s not too complicated to make. After removing the centers of your patties, fry them for a few minutes and then drop an egg in the middle and let it cook. Get the entire recipe here.

Cheese Stuffed Burger: Maybe having an egg hiding in the middle of your hamburger doesn’t sound too appealing. Well, Food Network has a tasty recipe for those who may want some cheesy goodness oozing out of their burgers. The fun thing about this recipe is you can choose whatever kind of cheese you like to go in the center.

Pug Burger: According to Food & Wine, the Pug Burger is a best seller at chef David Lentz’s Los Angeles restaurant but those living outside of California don’t have to hop on a plane to try to this savory patty. Lentz was kind of enough to share the recipe with the magazine. The Pug Burger was named after Lentz’s dog and includes things like Applewood-smoked bacon, blue cheese and Hass avocado.

The Chile-Stuffed Burger: This burger sounds like it’s for those burger lovers who like a little heat in their food. The Chile-Stuffed Burger was inspired by the Mexican dip chile con queso and uses two different types of chili peppers, jalapenos and anaheims. Get the recipe here.

The Hamburger Fatty Melt: The name alone should be a clue that this is going to be one giant, delicious burger. Instead of using typical hamburger buns, the patty is covered with two grilled cheese sandwiches. Talk about a cheese overload. Check out the recipe for the Hamburger Fatty Melt here.

Morgan’s Veggie Patty: We know summer is right around the corner, so here’s a light and healthy burger recipe courtesy of Food Network’s Guy Ferrari. Instead of using beef, this burger is made from different types of vegetables and beans.