• Eleven girls in the Indian state of Odisha were subjected to the inhuman punishment
  • The state has ordered an investigation into the incident 
  • A doctor said some of them were severely oxygen-deprived 

The police in India are investigating an incident wherein seven girls from a school allegedly fell unconscious after their teacher ordered them to do 100 sit-ups.

The teacher was reportedly punishing the girls for turning up late to a meeting. The shocking incident happened in the state of Odisha. Though it was not clear when the incident occurred, an investigation was ordered Monday by the state's education minister, The Times of India reported.

According to reports, 11 girls were subjected to inhuman treatment by their teacher, whose identity has been concealed, after they came in late for a prayer meeting.

"Some girls arrived late for the meeting despite being present in school," a student of the school told the news outlet.

The teacher then singled out those who arrived late and asked them to do 100 sit-ups as punishment. The girls carried out their "punishment" and returned to the classroom, but seven of them began to feel uneasy, and soon fell unconscious.

They were rushed to a nearby hospital. According to the doctor, some of them were severely oxygen-deprived when brought to the facility.

"When we admitted the students, they were feeling breathless. We gave them proper treatment and put them under observation. All of them became stable after a few hours and they will be discharged soon," a doctor of the hospital told The Times of India.

The parents and local people started a protest once they learned about the incident, drawing the attention of the education minister.

"I have directed the local Community Education Officer to carry out a probe into the case of punishment to some girl students at the High School," he told India Today.

Recently, a Texas school teacher was fired for using a high-pitched "dog whistle" noise in a classroom to punish her students. According to reports, the unidentified teacher was taking a class at the Leland Edge Middle School in Nevada on March 2 when she played a “dog whistle” YouTube video to discipline her students. One of the students described the noise as "torture" and another one walked out of the classroom. The incident was brought to the attention of the local police department, after which a probe was launched.

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