A mother in England is facing charges of child abuse after she allegedly assaulted her daughter for over 11 years and forced her to chew on broken glass as punishment.

65-year-old Beatrice Beeko from South London was charged with child cruelty, unlawful wounding, and administering noxious substances. Beeko has pleaded not guilty to all charges, Evening Standard reported.

Beeko's unidentified daughter, now 45, accused her mother of brutally assaulting her all through her childhood. When the daughter was young, Beeko allegedly smeared a chili and garlic paste on her private parts while brandishing a knife to threaten her. The victim said she was punished in this manner at least twice a year from a young age until she was 15.

The daughter accused Beeko of beating her up with household objects including a sink plunger, a tennis racquet, an umbrella, and a frying pan. In one instance, the victim said she was beaten up with slippers after she refused to take her daily dose of cod liver oil. The victim said she poured down the medicine in the sink as she detested the taste.

Beeko reportedly held her over the kitchen sink where the glass had been smashed, asking her to open her mouth. “I did open my mouth, she pushed the glass into my mouth and demanded that I chew the glass,” the victim told the court. While the girl pretended to chew, trying to avoid biting on the glass her mother allegedly squeezed her cheeks with her fingers. The incident reportedly left the victim bleeding from the mouth with a cut on the tongue and roof of her mouth.

Though the victim reportedly sought help several times during her school days, the officials dismissed her by saying she must have been naughty, the court heard, as reported by news outlet Public.

"I had scars all over my body as I was growing up. I have always been sad about it. She is my mum and I just wanted to know why she did this over and over again," the victim said.

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