• The incident took place in Australia on June 26
  • The infant suffered severe second and third-degree burns
  • The family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the medical expenses

A 7-month-old baby in Australia was hospitalized after suffering from horrific burn injuries in a freak accident with a hairdryer.

The infant, identified as Sienna Robbins, was sleeping on a bed when she managed to roll onto the floor and somehow turned on a hairdryer that was lying nearby. The baby, however, did not know how to crawl back, resulting in the hot blast from the hairdryer hitting her for several minutes. The infant suffered severe second and third-degree burns in the incident that took place in Adelaide on June 26.

"I heard the hairdryer going. I raced in to find she had fallen off the bed and turned on the hairdryer that was on the floor but she then somehow rolled on her back and couldn’t roll back. With the hairdryer on her, she has suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her head and down her neck," Sienna’s mother, Danielle, said, reported Monday.

As her husband called an ambulance, Danielle poured cold water all over her daughter. The baby was then rushed to a nearby hospital. The infant had become temporarily blind and had huge blisters forming on her head. She underwent emergency surgery on the same day.

"She has gone through one surgery and is expected to need surgery every 2 days over the next 6 weeks. Her hair most likely will not grow back in some heavily burnt areas on her head," her mother said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the child’s medical expenses.

Danielle said she and her husband were "shattered," and have spent the last few days sleep-deprived. They have not been eating or drinking well and are "emotionally drained from the pain we see our baby in constantly."

"We have cried for days on end for our little girl and wish we could take her pain as our own. Neither of us (can) imagine leaving her side and we are not emotionally in the position to go back to work just yet. We will be drawing on all the help we can get so we can be with Sienna every step of her recovery. If there is anything that you can spare to donate so that we can be with Sienna at this awful time we would greatly appreciate it," the mother wrote.

Baby Feet This is a representational image of a baby's feet. Photo: Pixabay